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Water Features
Master Form delivers its promise of high quality design and construction of water fountains, waterfalls, cascades, and various water landmarks for both commercial and residential clients.

Our fountains bring life and moving elegance to the swimming pool. Our wide range of experience building fountains are strategically designed to offer visually attractive water movement, with a variety of sound levels depending on the design requirements. Master Form also sources and provides the best lighting innovations in the industry to deliver a complete, reliable, and unique fountain display.

Small and Medium Size Water Features:
We truly believe that water feature can add a lot to any location, if it is studied and designed right. Master form engineering managed to construct high quality small and medium water feature used in both commercial and residential locations, which add a lot of elegant and beauty to the surrounding area using all the different effects such as: water behavior, changing water motion and using wide range of changeable lighting using Number of pictures g different color effect.

Major Landmark Water Features:
Master Form, with its global reach, has collaborated with some of the world's most creative, experienced, and accurate water feature designers. We're currently building one of the world's largest water features, which were designed by Fluidity. In addition, we are under construction of one of the largest man-made lagoons in the world.

Strategic Alliance - Fluidity:
Fluidity is a globally recognized design firm with credits for landmark features in New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Tokyo, and many other major international cities around the world. Master Form's strategic alliance with Fluidity enhances our ability to present the most important solutions for landmark water features and fountains. As is true for our own companies, we've chosen an alliance with Fluidity because of its demonstrated excellence and high level of expertise and consulting capabilities.




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